Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How Hanuman Chalisa is the Mini Veda?

The Parmatma (Absolute reality) and Veda
     When Parmatma (Supreme reality) first wanted to have His Leela (play) He has created Jiva (the essence of existence), Jagdish (Space) and Jagat (Universe or Energy). To have a smooth functioning and coordination among these three (Jiva, Jagat and Jagdish), He gave a code of conduct or manual which is known as Veda.   Vedas are the first origin. It is the only original source for achieving the purpose and aim of human birth by following certain rules and regulations.

      Four Vedas have about one lakh slokas having three segments like i) Karma Kand ii) Upasana Kand  and iii) Gyan Kand. Veda provides very exhaustive knowledge through these slokas (though, some of the slokas get repeated in one or other types of Veda), the seers have brought out the essence of Veda in Upanishads.  

     Veda and Upanishads predominantly filled with the sacred truth and speech of the divine reality, the essence of creation and sacred thought. Upanishads have been established after a thorough study and in depth examination of the truth contained in the Veda. Truth is new and fresh every day. To understand the truth, Upanishad or Veda provides a clue so that one can experience the truth with the help of Sat (eternal existence), Chit (Knowledge of Para and Apara Vidya) and Anand (Bliss).

     Later on lord Krishna has given the essence of Veda and Upanishad in the form of Geeta. Geeta delivered in Sanskrit and the same was difficult to understand by the common mass (especially, the villagers). Shri Tulsidas wrote Hanuman Chalisa, the mini essence of Veda, Upanishad and Geeta for the benefit of common mass in a very colloquial language.  

How Hanuman Chalisa is the mini Veda?
     The core principle of Veda provides four milestones to achieve evolution in life journey.  These four major milestones are also known as divine quality (Daivik Guna). To achieve the divine quality (milestones) there are  three forces which are  working  as a means in human body and they are i) Vital force ii) Mental force and iii) Psychic force. To achieve each milestone, these forces are to be balanced so as to have the holistic approach. The existence of Vital, Mental and Psychic forces are responsible for the growth of physical, subtle and causal body of human being.   

The relation between Vedic concepts and Hanuman Chalisa
     The milestones of Veda are termed as i) Bal ii) Klesh Vikar iii) Buddhi and iv) Vidya word of Hanuman Chalisa. Shri Tulsidas has requested Hanuman Ji to provide these milestones as Shri Hanuman Ji has obtained from Shri Rama. The Klesh Vikar being the most difficult state, Shri Tulsidas has requested Hanuman Ji to take it away from him. The request to evolve these milestones in Tulsidas by the grace of Shri Hanuman Ji (as his Guru) shows his (Shri Tulsidas) surrender to Him. That is why; Shri Tulsidas has requested these four boons (milestones) for his evolution to reach the abode of Shri Rama.  

      The image compares the theme of Veda, Buddha and Hanuman Chalisa. The concept (milestones) given by Veda was interpreted differently by different scholars which were more confusing for the mass. Lord Buddha has visualized this and he gave four noble path parallel with the concepts of Veda. For example, Lord Buddha has explained that the problem exists or is there. The reason for the problem is found out and also the solution (remedy) can be obtained. Unless the root of the problem is reached, the same (problem) can get repeated. For instance, i) poverty or misery or disturbance exists ii) the reason for them can be found out iii) the remedy or solution of them can also be obtained and iv) unless, the root of poverty or misery or disturbance is reached or understood, the same cannot be eliminated. That is why; the thinkers like Karl Marx could not eliminate the poverty though the existence, reason and remedy of the poverty were analyzed.

     Similar way Veda has explained the code and conducts for human being to eliminate or root out the problem of birth and death (highest concept) and gets evolved. Shri Tulsidas has simplified the same (concepts of Veda and Lord Buddha) by praying Shri Hanuman Ji for the four boons.

     The four boons signify the four consciousnesses (Hosh or Awareness or Vivek) which are essential stepping stone to reach the Absolute (supreme reality). It is interesting to note that the completeness (Purnta or Holism) of each milestone is achieved with the help of three forces (Vital, Mental and Psychic) as a means. In Hanuman Chalisa, Shri Tulsidas has termed these forces as Gun, Gyan and Sagar. When Gun (Vital force) and Gyan (Mental force) are balanced, the Sagar (Psychic force) gets evolved. In science, these terms (Gun, Gyan and Sagar) of Hanuman Chalisa have been equated as energy, space and consciousness.
     The image provides the comparative terms of these forces in Yoga, Hanuman Chalisa and also in Science. This means that the consciousness defined by scientist is Sagar in Hanuman Chalisa and Psychic force in Yoga. In Hanuman Chalisa it is clearly indicated that Gun (energy or vital force) and Gyan (space or mental force) are to be balanced to achieve wider spectrum (Sagar) of these results while evolving. In human system these forces are located at left lobe, right lobe and spinal cord of the body. In yoga once Ida path (concerned with right lobe and left side of the body) and Pingla path (concerned with left lobe and right side of the body) are balanced then vital or pranic force and mental force are harmonized. When this situation arises, the psychic force (known as consciousness in scientific term) opens up and evolution starts progressing rapidly.         

      To reach each milestone, the term energy, space and consciousness are to be harmonized. For instance, to obtain wholeness in Bal (milestone), the energy, Space and corresponding consciousness at the juncture (level) should be in harmonious condition so that they are stable at that point. Similar is the case with other milestones.

Science endorses Gyan, Gun, Sagar and Ram of Hanuman Chalisa
     The first Choupai of Hanuman Chalisa “Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar, Jai Kapish Tihu Lok Ujager” signifies that when wholeness of the three (Gyan, Gun and Sagar) is obtained, the individual can be an icon to be quoted (provides the illumination) like Hanuman Ji. Three Loka indicates the physical (Bhoutik) plane, subtle or intermediate (Daivik) plane and spiritual (Adhyatmik) plane of human body.  These planes are the three milestones (Bal, Klesh Vikar and Buddhi) of Hanuman Chalisa. In addition, fourth plane of Hanuman Chalisa which is the abode of Rama is taken as supreme reality or the absolute in science.  

     The image describes how the scientific terms endorse the concept expressed in first Choupai of Hanuman Chalisa. In nutshell, it can be concluded that Shri Tulsidas has brought the theme of Veda and the methodology to achieve the goals set by Veda.  The approach of science is the same as described in first Choupai of Hanuman Chalisa.